I've Come To Retrieve My Power
"You can't handle it."

"He told me he loves me."

"I escaped Hell before you, which means I’m at least faster than you, I have the perfect son, my twin is miserable half the time, and my partner loves me. Life is amazing. I just need Mundus’s head mounted above my door.

And some more Teddy Grahams. Get me Teddy Grahams.”


Dante leaned back on a palm, the other just above Vergil’s tailbone to coax the elder to lean with him as he indulged in those lips. Dante had hardly gotten him out of his mind. He still couldn’t quite figure out how this prick had managed to work himself into his head and ultimately his heart, but he had. And he wasn’t sure what would change now that he’d told Vergil he loved him, but it was definitely out now. First was taking a complete different gear in bed, apparently, and he didn’t mind it at all. After Dante had opened his jeans, he shifted a bit to use fancy leg-work to get them off before he laid back, lacing one of his hands with Vergil’s own. The other rested against the side of Vergil’s neck, thumb lingering over his pulse as he pressed his lips against his temple, murmuring at his hairline. “I fucking missed you.

The declaration pulled a shuddered exhale from his lips. It went without saying that Vergil had missed him too. Still, to hear Dante say things like that, to be so raw and honest, if anything could turn the cambion on more than watching his lover bleed, it was that. After all, he was a romantic at heart. “Don’t leave again. It’s so cold here without you.”

Due to the heat the angel radiated, Vergil had taken to wearing as little as possible to bed, not that he had warn that much in the first place, so, with just a pair of underwear left, he ripped the material from his body. It wasn’t worth climbing off of Dante’s lap for. No bloodshed. With that silent rule in place, he coated his fingers in saliva and spent the next few minutes in a painfully slow grind against the younger devil, one hand working himself into relaxation where he needed it most.


He was glad Vergil was happy. He damn well better be. But Dante just kind of squinted at the elder after his comments before Vergil moved then to settle himself squarely over his hips. Dante hadn’t been trying to be any of those things, but he he didn’t mind that Vergil saw it that way. He rested his hands on the others’ hips, squeezing them as he looked up at those sky-blues. Well, getting laid would do wonders for his mood, most likely. “Dunno— probably. But count me in, anyway.” Dante reached back to grab the collar of his own shirt, pulling it off to toss elsewhere before he leaned up to claim Vergil’s lips again, muttering against them, “All yours, Juliet.

Vergil chuckled at the other’s words, having grown fond of the nickname, whether he agreed with it or not. Already dressed down for bed, he rid himself of Dante’s t-shirt, which he’d stolen of course, before he indulged in yet another kiss, one he didn’t plan to break anytime soon.

For the sake of preserving the romantic atmosphere, he decided to take the lead. Bottoming from the top never hurt anyone, and riding one’s partner didn’t require one to be in the mood for anything kinky. There would be no broken furniture or blood drawn this time, for this time Vergil was intent on showing his lover what he was into when he wasn’t cutting his partner open, making love.


He felt like something just fucking died with his promise. He really didn’t want to give up his life here— the thought was terrifying. But maybe he wouldn’t have to totally do that when the time came. He didn’t know. But he told Vergil he would make the sacrifice, and while Dante didn’t think he was worth shit soaking wet, he knew his word was worth everything when he gave it. He’d returned the kiss that was pressed to his lips before looping an arm back around Vergil. He rested his palm against the back of his head, pulling him against him. “—You already know I love you. You knew before I did. Your fucking kid even knew before I did.” And Dante hated that he did, but oh, he did so very fucking much. “I never belonged anywhere— with angels, demons, people… Then you had to show up. Guess that’s enough for me.”

"I take back everything I’ve ever said about you not being romantic or sexy," he murmured against the angel’s lips. Hell, he’d effectively swept him off his feet in a way he had never experienced before. Some things were more attractive to Vergil than angel ass, and Dante had nailed it. A slight smirk quirked his lips up at the corners as his straddled his love’s hips. “Would it be too cliché to tell you to take me now?”


Dante’s brows arched when his jaw was grabbed, and Vergil sternly told him that he did. “Fact of the matter is, I know I do. Wouldn’t make you… choose, ‘cause I get it. Believe me, I get it. Why you wanna do the shit you wanna do— the reason.” He grimaced. “At the end of everything? I just wanted a normal life. Shit, that’s all I ever fucking dreamed for. Feelin’ like I could get rid of the shitsuckers for good, then be able to just breathe… Man… that kept me going when the going got tough.” Dante shook his head slightly. “But then I fucked up. I fucked up everything ‘cause I caught myself loving a selfish control-freak so fucking much that if I had to, I’d go wherever he went— even if it was the last god forsaken place I ever wanted to be.” He glanced back at him dully. “I’m lyin’ to myself if I think… I wouldn’t make that kinda sacrifice if you asked me to. So… you win, Vergil.”

That sort of sacrifice was selfless beyond anything Vergil could do for Dante without sacrificing himself in the process. When it all came down to it, at their core, Dante stood above Vergil as the one with more worth as a person. Vergil didn’t deserve him, he really didn’t. Unfortunately, that was unspeakable. After all, V–

The cambion’s brows perked in realisation before his face relaxed into a small smile and he shook his head. “You can’t just say it the traditional way, can you?” He cupped the nephilim’s handsome face and nuzzled against his nose, pressing a kiss to his lips after. “Thank you for making that sacrifice for me, and I love you too. ”

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Dante thought back to that particular issue. “Yeah… the… demon realm thing. Not gonna lie, it would’ve helped, but it doesn’t matter.” He exhaled, then rubbed his face, sighing between his palms. “…It doesn’t matter if you even don’t care, I guess. I know you’re all I’ve got. I mean… you’re all I have. So it doesn’t matter.” Dante shrugged, but had glanced downwards, brows furrowing. “Where would I even go? I’d just end up… where I was before.”

Again, he grasped his lover’s jaw, this time more firmly to force his gaze to align with his own. “I do care.” The problem was he had no idea how to prove it short of abandoning everything he had ever worked for, including his precious revenge. Vergil let out a defeated sigh, his grip loosening until his hand fell limply against Dante’s chest. “I do…”


Dante loosened his hold, though his fingers drug on Vergil’s clothes, gripping loosely for a moment. When he was given that small peck, he then clasped both palms to Vergil’s cheeks and gave him a firmer one, lingering a bit longer against his lips, before he eventually did lean back again. “I’m sorry I’ve been a stubborn fuckhead.”

As Dante leaned back, Vergil traced the length of his neck with his fingertips. “No…I’m sorry for being so selfish. I should have presented you with that information in the beginning, and I should have presented it in the form of a discussion.”


Dante had passed out, but his doze was light; light enough that the company and touch was plenty to get his eyes open rather than an earthquake being necessary. When he was awake, he sat up, then tugged Vergil closer to him so he could strap him in with his arms criss-crossed against his back. His chin found a place on the elder’s shoulder. “Wow, so you can survive without me.”

"Don’t be ridiculous," he scoffed, creating enough room between them to take hold of his lover’s chin. There, in the peace of a warm embrace, he stole a tiny kiss. "No, I can’t."


Dante had been by Nero for a few days. He hadn’t said anything, but he figured Vergil didn’t care if he showed up on his GPS at the DMC. But, he was home now. “I’m back,” he called. Seemed quiet. Given he could sense Vergil, he guessed the other was at least aware then. So Dante decided to go roll himself into their bed. If Vergil felt like acknowledging him at some point, he wasn’t planning on going anywhere. If not, welp, hibernating sounded just as awesome.

After a shower and, more importantly, a shave, Vergil finally decided to wake his nephilim up. He’d allowed him an hour or so to nap, assuming that had been the reason for his retreat to the bedroom, but, now, he was in the mood to pester him a bit for attention. Settling on the bed beside the sleeping form, he traced the underside of his chin with a single digit. “Welcome home.”

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Contrary to the bitter cold of his response to Dante’s protests to his plans and the ridiculous accusation that he didn’t care how Dante felt about them, Vergil had lost sleep over the whole issue. That was why he’d fallen asleep in the Slayer’s Lair, using a book as a pillow. Embarrassingly, he’d been too distracted to shave the shadow he’d been growing along his jaw the day of their argument, and it had become quite noticeable. All in all, he was a bit of a mess.

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